How To Install A Tankless Water Heater?

The installation is not the same and is easy for any water heater. It requires professional skills for installation because a minor mistake can become the reason for a significant loss. It does not mean it is impossible to install your tankless water heater; you can do this with skills because tankless water heaters come in different sizes and styles. It’s straightforward to install as compared to other water heaters like gas or tanked heaters. If it’s for a single room, that is easy to install, but it will be complicated to install if you have a gas or propane water heater for the whole house. You need professionals who check the gas supply and all requirements for gas water heaters. That is also needed to know about a tank and tankless gas water heaters, how to stop the gas supply to the existing water heater and disconnect it without releasing gas. Here we explained some installation methods of different water heaters that you must know all about. We hope that this guide will be helpful when you install the new tankless unit. So, keep scrolling down and read it carefully if you are a beginner.

Installation Of Tankless Water Heater

Before installation, you must have wiring expertise and plumping experience. Plus, it is also important to check out the gas accommodation of the whole house and all water supplies lines before installing a gas water heater. We suggest it’s better to take expert services for tankless water heater installation. It’s not expensive, but a professional can do everything best and set up perfectly without any issues. A tankless water heater requires less space, but it’s not easy to install. Its installation is sometimes tricky, and you must know various codes and the right parts to use. Well, here we mentioned the process of how to install a tankless water heater.

How To Install A Propane or Gas Tankless Water Heater

  • First, shut off the gas and water supplies of the current water heater. Now remove the heater from its mount.
  • Now fix a new one. If it also requires a previous gas line connection and the same size, fix a gas valve as required. Now use a new pipeline for gas connection to the new water heater.
  • Turn on the warm water faucet to release pressure in the system and completely drain out the old water heater.
  • Now set the new tankless water heater according to the perfect space availability. You must follow the manufacturer’s directions to mount the unit securely.
  • Make sure you turn off the main gas supplies and remove the gas pipe of the old water heater.
  • Beware the gas line is in good condition and can supply gas properly to the desired place.
  • Fix a new gas supply line from the tee to a spot. It’s better to use a flexible black pipeline for gas supply.
  • Now, you need two wrenches to assemble the connections towards the heater. Strat the tee to the final spot and use thread sealant for a perfect and strong connection.
  • Now test the gas supply and gas pressure.
  • Now comes to the hot water supplies for this, you must read manufacturing methods and follow them.
  • It would be best to have copper pipelines that connect to the cold and hot water line with the new water heater for the hot water supply.
  • Check the valve of your water system or an anti-siphon valve on the supply pipeline.
  • Secure the pipe against the wall with bell hangers.
  • Now set up a pressure valve.
  • Turn on gas and water supplies and check out for gas and water leaks.
  • Now turn off both and wait for full setup completion.
  • Now installed exhaust vents that are very important to help reduce gas pressure under the heater.
  • Look for a well-ventilated spot where it works perfectly.
  • For new vents, you can use a professional vents kit.
  • For this, you can use silicone sealants that can handle the heat.
  • Using heat-resistant silicone sealant to the new vent, place a connector on it, and secure it with a hose clamp.
  • Pit stainless steel vent pipe on the top, slip on a ring, and fold over the tabs for extra security.
  • Now, fix an elbow and make sure it places its mount faces on the same spot of the vent.
  • Select a spot on the wall to be the center of the vent hole for venting outside, then drill a hole from the inside.
  • Using a spade bit, make a circle on the outside wall with a vent thimble and bore a 1-inch hole.
  • To make a perfect vent whole, use a reciprocating saw and enable the flange thimble to be run against the outside wall.
  • After this, put silicone caulk on the edge of the flange. Then, place the flange into the vent hole.
  • Now seal it with silicone, and for extra security, you can use screws.
  • Then install the interior flange inside the wall.
  • Run a section of vent pipe through the flange opening.
  • Use tabs for all sections to make it secure.
  • Then connect a small section of the vent pipe and connect the vent hood to the outside of the vent.
  • Now Put back the shingles and siding.
  • Finally, all Is done now, turn on the gas and enjoy hot water.
  • In the end, it’s complicated. Make sure you have done all Instructions properly.

How To Install An Electric Tankless Water Heater

Here if you want to install an electric tankless water heater, then see the instructions below.
  • First of all, you must know about electric water heater installation. Electric tankless water heaters are easier to install than gas tankless water heaters because they do not need vents installed.
  • Before starting the process, make sure you shut off the water supply and power completely. You also detach wire and water pipelines.
  • Must place a tub below the water heater bib that collects spills from the pipe.
  • Now remove the unit from the wall and also remove power sources that attach with it.
  • After that, connect your new tankless water heater on that spot,  fix it perfectly and secure it with screws.
  • Now connect the power connection. With this unit and detach all wires that a tankless water heater requires for running.
  • Rinse out dirt from around the heater and clean it.
  • Now create both hot and cold water connections by attaching a water heater outlet on the left of the heater to the hot water pipeline, and for cold water connect the cold water line to the cold water inlet.
  • Tighten up all the fitting of the water heater and turn on the all hot water fixture for 2-3 minutes to release pressure from It.
  • Check out leaks of water pipelines. If you have done a perfect unit setup then connect the power source.
  • You can turn on the water heater by connecting the red and black wire of the breaker.
  • Make sure before connecting the breaker wire you must turn off your water heater and prevent it from any short circuit.
  • After this turn on the water heater and enjoy the hot water shower.

Pros And Cons of Tankless Water Heater

  • Tankless water heaters supply hot water on-demand. That’s why it is also known as an on-demand water heater.
  • It’s the best money-saving option. The warm water only produces when needed.
  • Instant hot water supply
  • A tankless heater supplies a constant stream of hot water.
  • They may be expensive
  • High durable and reliable
  • Comes with 15-20 years of longevity
  • Energy-saving approx 30-40 %
  • Energy efficient
  • Space-saving small in size
  • Professional installations required
  • Expensive

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